Dhan Android mobile app "Haptic feedback " toggle button not turning off permanently

First of all thank you so much to team Dhan for developing such a great platform. Really enjoying the features. You are doing great. Wanted to share a problem I am facing in Dhan Android App ( glass edition). “Haptic feedback” on/off toggle button is getting re enabled every time I re open the app. Kindly let me know if I am the only one having this issue. Looking forward to get a response from you guys.

Hi @Ruchand4,

We are getting this checked and will update you soon.

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Hi @Ruchand4, Welcome to Dhan community. Yes, we realised it is turning on for some users - we will have this updated in the next app release.


Thank you, this issue has been solved now with the latest update.

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Welcome @Ruchand4. Thank you for bringing this to our notice.

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