Dhan chart not working

Why so much glitch, dhan application behave childish, we miss opportunity, we face losses ,we face glitches… it’s irritating …


yes you are correct …BANK NIFTY CHART stuck

Unable to exit orders

Really frustrating! App and web not working. Unable to close orders.

need serious commitments… from DHAN team… !!! Don’t forget u are Trading platform not just broadcaster. it can hurt us financially not just in psychological way.

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Building up losses, is anyone from Dhan looking into this?

Hello @longtrader @Varsha777 @Ravish_SN @inspectorKAALE @Mthrpnkj24

One of our connections with exchanges flipped, we have reset it and now the orders are being processed. Charts are working fine as well, you shouldn’t be getting any issues there too.

Chart is not working fine. Only 1min is working. Other timeframes are stuck at some random values.

Hi @Ravish_SN

The charts are working fine, we checked it.

Request you to please check it once again & if you are facing any issue let me know in the DM your UCC and i will get it checked.

I’m trying to exit my position and modify/cancel my limit order it is not happening and every time it says in Transit and refresh the Order book.

Because of this glitch i’m facing loss and still the issue is not clear and no proper response from the DHAN Team.

Is this the service that you are providing to your valuable customers?

@PravinJ As far as i see, The primary reason for traders choosing Dhan had been to trade from Charts and TV.

Instead of focussing on enhancing other functionalities, plz focus on these as Highest priority.
1. Feeds of all instruments in all timeframes .There is a delay in many feeds
2. Improving the order servers by scaling/auto scaling and making servers stable
3. Support ticket systems , where each query of the users are resolved.
4. Broadcast of technical glitches/system updates., so that users are well aware of the issues and will take positions accordingly.

Am sure, most traders will agree with the above as priority tasks. We love Dhan, butm if the trend continues…

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