Dhan experience so far

Joined Dhan yesterday, completed KYC and account stuck with activation at exchanges from 24 hours.

However, coming from Zerodha, here are few things I found Dhan need to implement.

  1. Shortcut buttons missing for deleting a script and even available shortcut keys are not efficient. For example moving to watchlists with left, right buttons do not work.
  2. It looks half backed product, everything is thrown here and there and not at same place. No idea where is option strategy builder and other tools. No link after login to account. Have to again open dhan website follow the product and login there. A website should not make traders use brain to find links, their brain is already working on trads to be taken.
  3. To check script Depth have to use mouse, no short cut.

These are basic things and have to use mouse for everything. Above points can be improved immediately and should not take more than 10 minutes.

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Hi @pulpfiction, firstly welcome to Dhan and thanks for sharing your feedback. As a product, we owe a lot to our users who have pushed us to improve trading & investing experience.

To address some of your points,

  1. KYC & Account Opening Process: Our time take to approve KYC is less than 5 minutes, however now the regulations have changed and we cannot let users trade unless we receive confirmation from exchanges and depositories. Only once it is received as ‘OK’ we let you proceed ahead. This is across all the industry now.

  2. On shortcuts, I tried this on couple of machines - it works fine. Request you to share your machine, browser details and plugins, will check if this needs to be reworked. It’s first time we have received any note on this not working. Deleting watchlist, we have enabled this now on full-screen watchlists post feedback from community members.

  3. Strategy Builder is still in beta and is not integrated with our main dhan web. It will be soon when we go live. We will open this up for all soon, meanwhile you can register for it here: Options Trader Web: Option Trading Platform for India | Dhan

  4. Depth is available on first view when a scrip is selected in watchlist, or when clicked on market depth.

Once activated, will try it for few days before making final decision.
All I want to say is that trading on desktop, do not want to use mouse. It is possible to do it on Zerodha and not on Dhan.

Instead of multiple products, improve the trading web portal.

I use chrome and cannot move to different watchlists using arrow keys. Cannot check depth of script using D button. Have to open company page.

Cannot add searched script to watchlist with Enter button, have to use mouse.

Please do not tell how to do using mouse, instead make it easier and faster to use.

Hi @PravinJ, Dhan as a platform is full of great features and utilities but all is too tightly packed together which is great as long as you are familiar with the product and know exactly where to click… Few weeks back I requested for a “quickjump” feature but it went un-noticed. With such a great platform, new users will flock quickly but inability to quickly find what they need might be a bit confusing. pls do have a look at platform-wide search option/quickjump, if possible.
Here is the request for quickjump feature:
Search could do better - Feature Requests :raised_hand: - Dhan Community

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