Dhan HQ API related issues

I am getting an error in python while connecting to API.

"The token was expected to have 3 parts , but go…

Can anyone help

Hi @bsjhala

This error message comes when you have not pasted the token in full length.

Please make sure you are using active & correct Access Token. Generate token from web.dhan.co > My Profile > DhanHQ Trading APIs & Access > Access Token.

You can try and hit any GET API with your token at api.dhan.co with curl commands, to check whether token is active & working.

i copied from the profile and pasted in a variable.
Its not working in python…
But,I checked on api.dhan.co and pasted there,Its working there.

what can be issued, i checked thrice, access token length is correct.

issue resolved.

problem was due to wrong variable name