Dhan in now Self Clearing Trades for F&O, Currency and Commodity

Hi All,

A quick update on Trading and Investing on Dhan - earlier our self-clearing was limited to only Cash and MCX.

We are happy to announce starting 20th June we will act as a Self Clearing member for Futures and Options and Currency trades that are done. This was managed earlier via a partner and now we have moved this process internally.

Here your experience stays the same i.e lightning-fast and delightful. And no, we won’t charge anything for clearing trades. It was free and it will be free. :innocent:

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Amazing! New achievements for DHAN! I am happy to be a part of this growing community! I am sure all the upcoming and existing traders are gonna love everything about Dhan! :heart_eyes:

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Very Happy to hear that Dhan is growing, I wish you All the Best for Our Dhan Future Endeavors :smiley::pray:t2::bouquet:

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Post this seeing the trades executed mail sent next day morning :slightly_smiling_face:

Can u please send it same day by night around 9,30 like before ?

Can you please tell us, what does it mean—Self cleaning member for future & options and how does it help Dhan & us (the clients)?