Dhan Mobile App Login with Pin

There is no fingerprint scanner in my mobile. That’s why I am facing a problem during login. It required first password than otp. Please for easy login process enable login with Pin in Dhan Mobile Android app. Thank you.


Hi @Anukul Yes, it was like that earlier on Dhan. Now Login to Trading platforms is mandatory with 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) - one of which is a password (knowledge factor) + another is possession (OTP based or Biometric). Since your mobile does not have a fingerprint scanner, it will ask for OTP.

These are updates to platforms that are based on regulatory changes, hence no changes can be made to this on Dhan.

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Can’t DHAN too provide it ?
GOOGLE AUTHENTICATOR based OTP would be very convenient as then we wouldn’t have to wait for SMS/EMAIL OTP.Please think about this and incorporate this within this weekend.

We have no plans to introduce verifications via third party apps. With QR, we offer instant and fast logins, that is most preferred method for most of our users, SMS and Email is used by small set of users