DHAN PNL shows incorrect

today i traded from tvcharts and i have all the screen shots of that particular time,

fact is total 6400+ profits were booked in betw 1.30 to 2.00 pm then in 2 trades i have booked loss something around 3500 rs and then i had still left 2000 profits in my trading account then i traded more and booked 19000 + profit in 37600 call option 29sep expiry . But now account profit is showing 15400 approximately profits how is this possible? why this problem this could be possible if i had losses in fresh position but it was already deducted from 6400 profits then why it also deducted from 19000 why i need explanation .
1.30 pm

after that eod last trade

guys this is not as simple as its looking the losses were settled with earlier profits but also deducted from new profits ,so bad I have been trading from last 4 years never ever faced this issue please fix this than I will upload my trade order book too.


Hi @lokesh, request you to please write to us on help@dhan.co and our customer support will assist you with same.

already wrote and adding more detail here also

Hi @lokesh,

We have received your email and we are getting this checked.


Dhan Community Team

Hi @lokesh ,

We have shared a response on your registered email ID, along with contract note and P & L statement.

Quick note on how Open & Close positions show in the Positions tab:

  • For example, you buy and sell 1 lot a scrip and make a profit of Rs. 100, and it will show in closed position.

  • Now if you buy another lot of the same scrip, then this will only show under Open positions, wherein both the realized and unrealized P&L is shown together.

Feel free to call us back at 022 48903273, if required, to discuss this.