Dhan scam-do not transfer portfolio with dhan

Trading with DHAN is my biggest mistake in my trading career i shifted from fyer to DHAN for trading initially its working very smoothly later on i face some major issues

  • Chart lagging
  • False candlestick
  • false prices
  • when use DHAN platform browser and also computer stuck you can check here Dhan
  • if i complained about this issue customer care executive gives false reply and says resolve issue but actually issue did not resolved
  • you cant change your primary bank A/c number
  • most horrible experience today i was faced

I initiated easiest transaction to transfer shares DHAN reject that transaction and when i asked they told me to deposit fund in your account to process share transfer
So please do not transfer your shares with DHAN

Even today i filed a complaint against DHAN to SEBI and very soon file case in court against these scamster

So guys think twice before opening account with DHAN

Generally for every off market, around 20 rs will be charged per company/script. Example 20 Infosys, 10 Wipro etc. totally 40 rs aprx will be charged for off market transfer via cdsl in Demat account

Dhan expect money in Demat account to approve transfer from Dhan to another Demat account. If you don’t have money in account, transfer will be rejected. Try to have money in Demat account then try for off market transfer

But in zerodha, even you don’t have money in Demat account. Off market transfer will be completed successfully via cdsl. Off market charges will be charged later.

This is my experience in in Dhan and another Demat provider.

I hope it’s helps :slight_smile:

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I think we have to give some time for Dhan to stabilize. People are having over expectations.

As per sebi rules Depositary Participant can reject transaction if only dues are pending otherwise DP should approve the transaction and later on recover the charges. But dhan is exceptional. Earlier i transfer shares from FYER , ZERODHA, ANGELONE, UPSTOX but nobody asked me to deposit money before share transfer process and even later on they recover money from my account but i having worst experience with dhan. Behaviour of this people is like gold digger

Dude calm down. Even I got rejected when i tried to transfer from Dhan to other Demat provider. Since you have decide to move out of Dhan and transfer money to Dhan and get your share back to other Demat. Move on.

If you want to complaint to SEBI, you can sure do it. Dhan will say that it is company policy.

Anyways happy Sunday :blush:

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Hi @mbhat4590

Went through your post, while I am sure our customer service team would have discussed with you every-time you reached out to us and explained in details.

Our team will respond to your queries, and for the case of moving your portfolio out of Dhan - I will instruct our teams to not debit charges for off-market transactions not just for you but for everyone. If our users are not happy with our service and product experience, they will move out. I believe there is no reason for us to charge them in such scenarios.

Thank you.


Thanks for response. I was charged for off market transactions last month. Going forward whether no charges will be for off market transaction?

Even I faced the same issue. It always shows the wrong price and I lost lots of money only due to the latency of the mobile application. We need to refresh 10 times to get an actual price, but losses happen in options. I already moved out yesterday from dhan.

Hi @nagababu49,

We would certainly like to help.

We request you to drop us an email at help@dhan.co with details (screenshot/videos will help). We’ll make sure to look into it with the utmost priority.

Hi @mbhat4590 ,

Happy to inform you that we heard your request, and now you can update your primary bank account in Dhan through your app.

Below are the steps on how you can do it:

  1. Simply navigate to the “Banks” section on your Dhan app or web by clicking on the “Money” tab
  2. Click on the “More” button on any of your secondary bank that you want to change to Primary
  3. Click on “Set as Primary Account”
  4. Give your consent to deduct ₹25 (+GST) from your Dhan ledger
  5. Provide your confirmation on the bank you want to change to Primary
  6. Proceed to eSign with the Aadhaar number you used to open your Dhan account

You can read more about our newest feature here.

We look forward to having your inputs and contribution in our community.

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