Dhan tradingview price averaging glitch

The price averaging in dhan tradingview is making things a little difficult. As in the picture, I had traded the same option earlier in the day and then when I again re-entered the same option strike price at lower level instead of showing the present buy price point and PnL it is showing average price of the option. If at present I’m not holding the same script position(purchased earlier) then the price shouldn’t average it out, it should display absolute at the present point of purchase with PnL. I panicked looking at what is happening and exited the trade immediately.

Hi @SudeeptoDas

Thanks for the note. This isn’t a glitch, all trading systems work like that, and uniqueness to the trade on any trading day on position is to the scrip / underlying. One can take multiple positions for buy at multiple prices, sell at multiple prices or a combination of both - trading systems always shows the avg trade prices. Past trades that you have exited continue to be in the orderbook.

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Is there any way around this? because it clearly doesnt help to see an average trade price for my ongoing trade. Is there any way to see all the orders for that particular instrument or maybe just 1 recent order?


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Here, you may refer to the order page for the last executed price and calculate it accordingly.

Oh I didnt know we could do that . Thanks! :melting_face: :face_with_diagonal_mouth: