Dhan Tradingview

Kindly provide the following request to Dhan Tradingview

  1. Please add F&O underlying stock list in prebuilt list
  2. To add multiple stocks at a time in search bar (for example - icicibank, hdfc, reliance) and then if we enter…then all should be added at once
  3. price alert on chart
  4. different tags to put on stocks for different purpose in watchlist

Thank You.

Hi @Kaushik

Thanks for reaching out to us. All your points are noted, we have few similar things available on line or part of our roadmap. Rest we will evaluate and try to incorporate.

  1. We have given the Index list in the top menu. You can see list of all the constituent stocks of all Index. We will incorporate list of F&O stocks here.

Point 2, 3 & 4 feedback noted.