Dhan TV Chart Candles/ Pivot Indicator Issues

Anyone else face these issues on Dhan TV Interface?

  1. Pivot Indicator levels disappears.

This is last session.


This is today session.


  1. Monthly OHLC Values. Dhan TV verse TV current contracts.


As per them it’s a “continuous data” whereas TV use “contract wise data”. The question is where we can verify this. Reason as we know Pivot calculations based on Previous OHLC, due to this it plots the levels at different value.

  1. Monthly Pivot levels/Values difference.

This is result of “Continuous data” vs “Contract wise data” monthly Pivot (Camarilla) difference.


And at present Lead, Aluminum, Zinc, Copper [OHLC monthly candles values also different] all Jan contract showing different monthly pivot levels. But same is not the case for Crude/Natural Gas.

Now this is one of the examples at where it misleads the whole calculation on daily pivot levels.

  1. Prev Day OHLC wrong value levels for next session.


If you place pick top/bottom wick of daily/4h candle it’s easy to spot the next session Prev Day OHLC values levels plotted at wrong spot. And when i am checking with their support team this is what their cute response.

“Daily OHLC includes pre and post market session. So if Low or high is made during that time, They will be considered as day’s high low while intra day OHLC is only about market session. Close of daily candle is also post market close and not LTP of 3:30PM.”

Hi @S2023,

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We replicated and found the Pivot indicator to be working fine. Can you please share additional details on help@dhan.co so we can address your specific case.


@JayK Kindly check the whole post I believe I mention everything which I had shared with your team from last 1 week on daily/frequent basis. And please put two charts on monthly timeframe. One at Dhan and one at TV. You will get the idea.

  1. Pivot levels not available for Options but CPR+Pivot is available for option. Kind of “half-baked” stuff. :slight_smile:

Now what is the issue here: -

a) Pivot you can set the type/timeframe and eliminate history.
b) In CPR it’s non-modification indicator [IMO it’s an outdated version; with lot of limitations]

So if someone prefer Pivot - Camarilla type, with custom time frame and without history then you can’t. You have to stick with outdated version of Daily/Weekly CPR Floor type Pivot Indicator which has no way to eliminate history levels, no way to change timeframe, no way to change/switch pivot type.


Hi @S2023,

You can verify data for Continuous contract directly from the MCX site. For example, for the current near month expiry contract, let’s say for Lead Jan Future contract, the previous month candle data can be cross-verified with December data on MCX.

Noted the feedback on Indicators on tv.dhan.co. Over the last year, we have added many indicators and will continue to enhance this feature.

At the same time, we are offering direct integration with TradingView, where you get access to many more indicators (depending on your plan).

Thanks for sharing this; but I am still wondering is there way to eliminate this “Continuous” or someway to switch “Contract” base Pivot monthly candle calculation?

The reason the pivot monthly level base calculation depends on Previous Month contract OHLC, but here as Dhan pulling same Jan contract OHLC value from 01 Dec- 31 Dec, instead of Dec Contract OHLC for pivot monthly calculation, so IMO its plotting a wrong levels/value on chart as compared with any other chart pivot monthly levels. [Tradingview]

See integration with trading view is useful but at present for only Stock/Equity traders.

For FnO, CDS or MCX there is still no update when this will integrate with trading view.

So, IMO this offer is very attractive but limited to Equity traders not for everyone. :slight_smile:

We chose the Continuous contract method, because it gives a much longer time-frame, which helps in various types of analysis. But I understand each trader is different. Noting your feedback for future evaluation.

@JayK Did you get a chance to catch this one? Previous OHLC value [Prev Day OHLC Indicator or CPR Indicator Prev OHLC plot levels; both have same issue] not plotted in past at correct levels. [I had reported this in live market when I spotted this issue].

  1. CPR/OHLC levels shape shifting from Static to Dynamic.

On random basis Daily CPR/Weekly CPR/Prev_Day_OHLC shape shifting from Static current levels to dynamic levels in mid of live session. This is today live Weekly CPR shape shifting from Static to Dynamic.


Hi @S2023,

The answer I have is the same shared by our team earlier - “Daily OHLC includes pre and post market session. So if Low or high is made during that time, They will be considered as day’s high low while intra day OHLC is only about market session. Close of daily candle is also post market close and not LTP of 3:30PM.”

Because this is a common question, we have a dedicated post on how charts work - Charts on Dhan: What happens behind the scenes and how Charts work exactly?

@JayK And that response is not correct.

Prev Day OHLC plot the last closing session value on next session else why it’s called PREV DAY?

If Prev Day OHLC value is not correct then CPR calculation is wrong too, and Pivot levels calculation wrong as well.

If 28th Dec - Jan Zinc contract OHLC was 273.70/276.30/269.00/269.95. Then next CPR should be 272.65/271.75/270.85 at whereas DHAN plotted 273/272.70/272.40.


Seems you are looking at “near” expiry chart data on Dhan and comparing with “next” expiry data on MCX.

The 28th Dec OHLC data for Jan expiry on MCX is “next expiry data”. Currently, the next expiry is Feb Future, so you need to find the OHLC value accordingly.

Here for your reference Prev day OHCL data on Dhan February Future chart matched with MCX data.

@JayK @Naman

I am specifically mentioning only Zinc Jan contract here right now.

So, base of that, can you please confirm following thing: -

a) According to you/Dhan/MCX what is the OHLC value for Jan Zinc Contract on 28th Dec?

b) According to you/Dhan what was the Prev Day OHCL Indicator plotted value for Jan Zinc Contract on 29th Dec? Please just mention the OHCL value of Prev Day OHCL Indicator

c) According to you/Dhan what was the Day CPR Indicator plotted value for Jan Zinc Contract on 29th Dec?

d) How difficult / discomfort for Dhan; if I request to share the source code of Pivot, Day CPR, Weekly CPR and Prev Day OHLC indicator? (Issue no 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 related to code I believe. Something is missing there hence it is plotting a wrong value).

P.S. : Tagging Naman as well here as I believe he is the same guy on google meet discussion at where I explain most of this issue. [In case you are not the same guy, you can please ignore the tag.]


3rd time, Same issue.