Dhan TV Daily basis chart issue

Here I am listing daily Dhan Chart issues which on random base keep appearing during trading session. Most I already shared with Dhan Support Team, but updates are still pending.

  1. Bottom Right-Hand side, LH-LTP values keep disappearing during trading session, once refresh page it will update but again it disappear. [Shared two+ weeks ago.]


  1. UC/LC does not update once trigger during session. [Shared two+ weeks ago.]
  1. Daily its auto-logout session near 4:30pm-5:30pm. Even if leave chart for few hours its auto-logout. Interesting thing is on chart candles still forming but once you click on buy/sell button it returns to login screen.

Now its 4:30pm and its auto-logout.

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Hello @S2023

Our team has been in constant touch with you to solve your queries across different channels. Rest assured we will look into each one of this instances and deploy fixes wherever required.

To answer the queries on this thread:

  1. We have noted this down and tried to recreate this scenario at our end, but couldn’t. Our team will troubleshoot this and reach out to you if any help is required in recreating this scenario.
  2. Again, this was noted and fix will be deployed soon.
  3. This is because of session management, depending upon your login time and session duration.

We always build on customer feedback. We will evaluate these and try to make charts even better.


Issue no 1 : It’s random based no fix time. Even yesterday in evening session I had notice but couldn’t post here as you have restrictions open. Just attached now here at bottom


Duplication Scenario steps I had already shared with your team on Google meet. Adding here once again.

Most of error/issue which i faced based on following trading environment conditions: -

a) Open chart in 1min/5min and leave it open.

b) I am accessing your Dhan TV interface through “Internet”, and I am not very much sure how your team accessing https//tv.dhan.co; so here the suggestion. [Avoid accessing the site using same network; just in case Dhan Web Server accessible through “Intranet”, because in that case Client to Web Server response time not same, so your team will not notice any candle lag/gap/buffer on data feed.]

Issue no 3: Is there a way to avoid this disconnection during open live running session and keep it live from 9:00AM to 11:55PM until MCX session not close or Live Chart not close by us? Because chart is open and all sudden it auto-logout at 4:30pm - 5:30pm.

Please also confirm can I continue to post further remaining issue into this post, as I prefer to keep all daily issue at one place.

And also, do confirm how many issues we can post in single post? And how many issues we can post on daily base as it’s my second day on this forum I am not aware of the restrictions. /Ty

  1. This Candle Lag-Gap issue, this is also randomly occurred on chart and there after Candle Buffer issue trigger. Here it registers the candle low but low wick candle formation missing. On other hand in tradingview it registers candle low wick formation per register value.

On 1min chart easy to spot but once we press F5 key it trigger Candle Buffer and form the proper shape.

I had observed this 2/3 times in single session. In MCX this trigger from 5:00pm - 11:55pm. [Already reported to Dhan support team 3+ Weeks ago]


  1. This Candle Buffer issue: [Already reported to Dhan support team 3+ Weeks ago]

This is almost occured once Candle Lag issue trigger. In 1min chart this can easily spoted, in this situation on 1min candle formation all sudden stop, and turn to buffering mode [Candle Lag time near 7 secs to 60+ secs sometimes. Above 60+ secs it thread turn to sleep mode, if press miracle key [F5] then miracle will not happen instead it throw error “Cache Server not responding”].

After the formation of gap complete, it all sudden release buffer candle data feed and complete the formation of candle. Once we again press miracle key, VOILA the gap disappears from the chart, and you never know when this Candle Lag/Buffer issue trigger and hence miracle is complete.