Dhan TV - Option Chain Default Expiry

Hey @Naman ,

I ended up trading a wrong expiry today since by default the option chain loaded the monthly contact which is not the usual behavior.


Can you please ensure options chain is loaded by default with the nearest weekly expiry? You can also think of providing a radio buttons (weekly/monthly) by default selected with weekly.

Always the most liquidity exists in the nearest contracts because these contrasts are actively traded during intraday.

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Hi @amit

The expiry on the option chain by default comes same as the expiry of the scrip on the chart. Option chain is discoverable from charts (right click > dialog box), and whatever the expiry of the scrip on the chart is the default expiry of the option chain.

@Naman ,

and If underlying chart is of a spot index, what should be the default expiry for the option chain, weekly/monthly?

Brother, please stop posting every issue of yours on the community, contact their support, they are very prompt.

@turing0102 ,

Well, It’s not my personal issue, it’s about the product bugs and feedback in general. I’ve also contacted them on support, email and on phone when it’s absolutely necessary.

In general, it should help community and the product to do better in the long run.


keep going @amit ,having similar observations but not finding time to post here. u are doing a good job ! :handshake: :yellow_heart: