Dhan TV - Same Screen With Different LTP

Hi @PravinJ ,

It would be of great help, If you can please clarify when there are two different LTPs on the same screen, which LTP do you consider for trading which is not affected by internet packet lost on a dedicated high speed broadband connection?

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Hey @PravinJ ,

My bad, just figured out that it is due to Heikin-Ashi charts.

However, I had observed such behaviour few times on normal charts as well. By any chance if this happens again will share the pic.

Hi @amit

This is a charting component - the LTP is passed on to chart library and it replicates. Let know if you come across this again - will have to check with TradingView team.

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Hey @PravinJ ,

Please find the screen recording where normal candle chart and watch list have different LTPs.

Dhan TV - Chart & Watchlist LTP Mismatch

Hoping the product team will look into the issue now and provide a fix.