Dhan Web - Login Behaviour change

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After the recent web update I noted a login behaviour change. Earlier if the session had expired on a url refresh it used to ask the login pin and once entering this we could login.

Now it asks for the login pin and does login. But no price ticker updates. Clicking on the profile pic doesn’t show the menu options and so cannot logout too. Refresh doesn’t work. We have to either delete the browser cache or open in an incognito tab to make this work. Clearing cache everyday is a problem. Please look in to this.

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Hi @t7support

We’d like to arrange a video meeting to check this. Could you please provide us with a suitable time for today?

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We can do it now if u r k.

I’m sharing a Google Meet link with you in your DM. Please give it a moment.

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Thanks @Divyesh. Problem solved after hard refresh as suggested :pray:

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By the way after the new update Dhan Web is blazing fast. Thanks Dhan team :pray:

On the contrary, I feel it has gone slower. Maybe a few months back, it went ahead but again after recent issues, it has slowed down.

Hi @Shally Ensure you hard refresh the browser. We are optimising the web experience part by part along with minor usability changes.

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how to Hard refresh???

Hi @UjR,

In order to hard refesh, press (Ctrl + Shift + R) simultaneously

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