Dhan web, Todays position Tab, P/L does this include broker charges + taxes?

Hi Guys,

New on Dhan platform, wondering if the Todays Position Tab, where live P/L is shown, does it include the broker charges and taxes.

I do scalping and thus some times can do a lot of orders. I see profits at the end of the day but after taking out the broker fees and taxes its meh.

Would love to see the real time charges which includes the brokers + fees. Atleast a toggle to see approx charges.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @rustam

We would like to inform you that before executing any order, you can check all the charges in Transaction Estimator.

Further, we have noted your feedback to track live Brokerage & other government charges.

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Hi @rustam, you can check all the details using our transaction estimator. Read more on this here - Now Live on Dhan - Transaction Estimator

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Thanks guys, I know the contract notes, the trading diary and transaction estimator, places where is shows up. Dhan is really feature rich.

Would love to see it in the live screen in the ‘Todays Position tab’ where P/L is displayed. Thanks for taking it as the feedback.

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Hi @rustam,

Yes, we have your feedback.