Dhan's Own Risk Management & Position Sizing tool

Hi Team @Dhan

I think it would be great if we can have some integrated - Position Sizing & Risk Management Calculator in to Dhan’s Dashboard

I personally use it & so does all the super Traders before placing orders.

i use some third party websites & excel sheets to do this Position Sizing & Risk Management Calculation but integrating this feature in Dhan would be a great value addition.

Kindly Consider this. @Dhan_Help @PravinJ @Naman @Poornima

Hi @kckittu

Not sure I fully understood what you mean… if you can share some examples - will help us. All of us are on feedback@dhan.co, feel free to drop a note please.

On integration with Tax Filing, our teams are working with Quicko and already shared the APIs which are getting integrated. We should see this going live sooner, we really want to.


Oops looks like i’ve used Wrong Tags & Title which made my request confusing.

No issues , I’ll simplify things by providing you a Reference website for the Concept called "Risk Management & Position Sizing "

Here’s the Link : Intraday Screener

Also Here’s the Explanatory Video from Sensibull : क्या होता है Position Sizing? Position Sizing Calculator के साथ - YouTube

To make things simple : "Risk Management & Position Sizing " is the Tool which helps Traders to Mitigate their losses by following certain things before initiating trade.

Usually Disciplined Traders use this Stuff to limit their Trading losses.
Please go through the above resources once.