Dhantv charts do not optimize as per screen

vs fyers

candles in dhan disappear if it makes above the screen borders.

Hi, @ronin

This happens if you change the time frame or the range.

You may click on the “auto” option at the bottom right corner (beside the full-screen symbol) to view the chart in one single frame, or you may right-click on the chart and click on “Reset Chart”.

  1. Rest Chart
  2. Auto

Nope. The time frame stands unchanged.

The chart window fails to adjust accordingly to the prices. If prices makes high/low and if it falls beyond the frame, then this thing happens.

Doesn’t happen with fyers, as I was pointing out. It’s a bug.

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Hi @ronin

We would certainly like to help you. Request you to help us with the screen recording video over the email at help@dhan.co so we can have this checked on your specific scenario.

Keep it on Auto it will definitely solve