Did anyone faced the order errors or delays this morning?

Hi traders,
anyone faced the order delays or update delays this morning? its resolved now, but, had faced the issue until 10.10 am.

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Yes, I faced… it was so scary… List of problems I faced

  1. Tried placing CE buy for nifty and nothing was happening so clicked buy button 3 times, nothing was happening, and few seconds later, I saw orders getting placed twice…
  2. Now, I chose trailing SL, 17500 ce was 49, I chose 38 and 42, mkt went to 100, in TSL (under orders) I saw, my TSL is now at 96 or something, mkt came down to 70’s and my order did not exited… finally had to exit manually
  3. There were few more pending orders, tried to exit them with TSL, limit, market orders, log out/log in/ clear caches / incognito mode, none of them worked… finally after sometime, order exited…

But system never captured these failed orders or TSL orders when I refreshed browser…

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Dhan also sucks mate… even yesterday few times I faced this… everybody is bad, fyers/zerodha etc… but they are bad after 2 pm… dhan has specialized in being bad at 9.30 am itself…

@Dhan_Help @PravinJ

Can you team look into the issues that was happening this morning. I contacted the support but, i was outrightly rejected that its my internet issues.

I tried to place orders and nothing happend and it placed after a long delay.
When i tried to edit/delete existing orders, nothing happened. I tried in two different account and connectivities.

The most thing that scares is , the team not having the willingness to verify if the user issues exists and provide a solution, rather being given blanket answers like check the connectivity.

I love Dhan, but, issues concerning feeds and orders has to be highest priority.

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On Expiry Days Dhan sucks big time. Whenever big move comes Dhan become lightening slow, candles go missing, instead of plotting OHLC they start plotting random values.

Today orders didnot execute for 10-15 mins lost 31k which would have been 5-10 k if paltform behaved properly. Dont know How long can we continue like this if things dont improve.

Yes. I too faced the issue of app getting stuck up. The price was not refreshing in the psitions paage. I tried to exit the order. But the app was stuck up and could not place the order. BY the time the app responded the price had fallen down from 495 to 432.

Of late it is happening many times.

Yes my friend is trading in iPhone , has been complaining off app lag from last week.


We are posting an update on this in a while.

Request you to update the app, this seems to be a much older version of App.

Today morning also orders got delayed till 9:40 hrs.What is going on ? marketing: lightening speed but reality is bullock speed or is it a scam? Pls reply.

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Yes, I had

Took trade around 9:25am, and trying to exit 3min, but from both the tv.dhan and web.dhan unable to exit the order, can you guys explain why this is happen today. thankfully order size is very less and trade not went against me, otherwise my whole capital might wipe-out today.

Please make sure this should not happen again, we really like the feature you guys providing, should work consistently perfect while trading, because trader like me who mostly do scalping and not keeping trade more than 5 min. would be default to trust the tool then…

Now tell me the tv.dhan is working perfectly or we have trading holiday today …?

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this happen on web

please make sure that rather than having millions of features and not working single one properly, better have few features well tested and give consistent out put…

Hi @Arabinda007 & @sachin8516 ,

We saw an unusual high amount of trades today, and we are ramping up things on our side to support this. We are scaling our tech and infra to support our growth. As usual we want to ensure we give the best possible trading and investing experience to our users. Apologies for the inconvenience, we are actively working to scale up.

Hi @RahulDeshpande @PravinJ ,

I think that one of key reasons a trader would like to stick with relatively a small broker is high availability of its platform/services, because generally large brokers have more numbers of unavailability incidents when compared.

However, seeing the recent incidents at Dhan, I’m really concerned about the platform unavailability risk for my open positions in the live market hours!!


Same here…


yes today Morning also , i had problem in executing orders… hurt financially too… tried everything… Mobile web , Tv.dhan , Option trader app but Nothing worked at that time for 3 to 5 minutes… in between tried to call multiple times in customer care but No answer there at that time.

Such order execution bugs & lagging really hit your traders & beloved fans of Dhan. plz take care & Do all the necessary as soon as possible. :pray:

@PravinJ @RahulDeshpande @Poornima

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