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I am facing wrong time issue i the web dhan as I was confused what time is current going also look at my mail date its of next date🥺 totally buggy or I am time travelling.

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Let me clarify: the time you see on top navigation of Dhan is your system time.
Live feeds on Dhan operates as per exchange time. If your account has not completed KYC and is not registered on exchanges, then the data feed is delayed by 15 minutes.

Bit not clear what your query is, if you can clarify - can answer better.



I can use tradingview.dhan.co with proper authentication and without bleaching site which means data is not delayed by exchange but order from tradingview.dhan.co is delayed by some moment or sometime reversing postion could loss some pips . Second thing is that web.dhan.co is showing improper time underneath the tradingview chart on web.dhan.co which is half hour faster on most scenerio, also that nifty bank closed at 37491.40 and you would see post market 37499.15 underneath the visible menu (home,markets,watchlist, portfolio,postition, and so on). Also that in some sceanrio you would see 12 hour gap in both the timing as mentioned in the screenshot provided so far. You would not see on the evening session of market as it written as market closed.