Disequilibrium in T-Bills - 05-05-2023

Check this trade:

102 contracts of T-Bill expiring 22-06-2023 (Days to Expiry = 48) exchanged hands at Rs. 98.41 (Discount of Rs. 1.59).

ROI = ( [Profit] / [Face Value] ) * [ 365 / Days to Maturity ]

Hence, the ROI (annualized) = (1.59/98.41) X (365/48) x 100 = 12.28% :heart_eyes:


Nice, but what i have observed in in both T-BILL and GOI bonds by the time i enter, trade is done and no liquidity :laughing:

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Yes algos are setup in place to detect any dis-equilibriums like this. Hardly any opportunity for those placing manual orders.

@iamshrimohan ,

May be Dhan can build such scanners, industry first! :grinning:

@amit definitely. Bond / Money market is much bigger than the Stock Market and the only skill required here is managing the cash flows

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is there a good resource to get to know about bonds market?

@erankitjain You can refer to the e-Book available for NISM Series XXII: Fixed Income Securities Certification Examination to start with the basics of bonds market (assuming you want to start from scratch). Once done, you will need to explore the ones which are listed on NSE/BSE (to know it works practically). Rest everything will follow up! :smiley:

Hope that helps