Does Dhan have any plan to launch Brokerage-free prepaid plans?

I am not at all against paying brokerage, but it can add up quite a lot for someone who places lots of trades. I have seen few brokers in India who have prepaid monthly plans for such traders, but to be honest, their platform is not that good. I am liking my experience with Dhan that’s why i am trying to discuss this here. It would be a great new addition and will also attract more customers who don’t want to bother about Brokerage on multiple order placements.
I would like to hear about this from the community and minds behind Dhan.

Hi @srtrades, welcome do Dhan community.

Short answer: We will provide much higher value at industry standard prices, lots of value. No free plans at Dhan.

Long answer: Here is a detailed post on understanding what’s going in the industry and our perspective in building Dhan and also thought on pricing: Stock Broking Industry: Some perspective on Pricing / Brokerage & Way Forward | being practical

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Just now I went through the link your shared about stock broking industry. Very well written, really liked it and understood the challenges that the broking industry as a whole is facing. Thanks!


Thank you for reading