DP charges query

Assume I have 50 qty of NCDs in my dhan demat account. Can I sold 10 qty in NSE, 40 qty in BSE on same day?

DP charges are debited twice? Or only once?

Hi @Nagasahitya

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In this case, the DP charges will be levied twice.

Hi @Nagasahitya In addition to what @Divyesh has mentioned, please note that earlier this used to be only one DP charge.

Since now, all brokers do early pay-in of securities to exchanges (in case of Dhan, we do multiple times in an hour), ie, stocks sold are debited from account multiple times, the charges on same has changed.

Assume, I have sold in Nse, bse almost instantly. Still I will be charged twice?

Since we do multiple pay-in of stocks in an hour, the DP charges will be levied according to number of sell orders.

But in the dhan pricing, it is still showing dp charges are per ISIN, now where it was mentioned like it was deducted based on number of sell orders. I have just asked same question in zerodha, they have clearly told they will deduct only once regardless of number of sell transactions

Feedback noted. We will have the Pricing Page updated to reflect the same.