Easier, Faster and more seamless UI

Let me start by mentioning that i really like dhan its “almost” the only app you’ll ever need for trading/investing.
Dhan offer a ton of features, its like a buffet.
Alot of dishes on one single plate! :ok_hand:

The reason i say “almost” is because its not as user friendly and fast as a few other brokers out there.
Yes its packed with features and i love them but when im trading and i need to switch between stocks, strike prices, watchlists i have to tap on top to choose the watchlist which is much simpler with a slide on zerodha, when i want to search for stocks Search results are a bit slower and sometimes we have to type the script name as full instead of the short form listed.
Main thing is that during trading hours your trading view charts open really very slowly its not every time but its happened with me quiet a few times, it takes around 15 sometimes 25secs to open a chart which is too much during trading hours!
Thats why i have to immediately shift to zerodha to check the charts.
And its not my internet issue or anything such because tried opening the same stock chart on zerodha and dhan, and zerodha was really fast!

These are minor things which if fixed i or anyone who joins dhan through me will never have to switch to another app again!

Please just fix that “almost” and people will love dhan! :v:


Hi @NikhilSolanki ,

Welcome to the Dhan community :smiley:

Thanks for your kind words and for also providing such valuable feedback and suggestions. Being customer centric is part of our DNA & we will surely ponder on things you have mentioned.

For the slow charts opening, we are working with Tradingview on this.

Do keep on contributing to the community.

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Unable to add option from advance option option chain and from Tv option chain

Hi @Yadu ,

If you are still facing the issue, request you to please share screenshot or video recording of your issue at help@dhan.co.

Even I faced this, latest issue was yesterday. So, I concur on the issue of slow loading of charts.

Moreover, I have observed that chart data on many scrips is wrong. This issue also needs some proper resolution.