Economic Calendar

Hi Dhan Team!

Is it possible to bring Economic Calendar with time that affects the markets?

Something like this on Dhan?

They have an API here: Trading Economics - API


Good feature request. Thanks for the idea.

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Thanks @Diamond for the suggestion.

We will surely explore the possibilities of bringing this as a feature in our products. Curious to understand the flow of your trading style that revolves around these particular data. Would be really helpful during the evaluation of the feature internally.

Happy to have your thoughts as well @aritra

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It helps a lot in taking a position as these data affect the volatility in intraday. Generally, very active traders avoid taking positions around these times.

The news around these data comes as a surprise sometimes and causes high fluctuations.

The news that comes from Redbox Global API is a surprise suddenly so a retailer can be well informed that a sudden news that can impact market is about to come!


Hey @RahulDeshpande ,

It’s very important for Currency Traders.

But, I don’t see any value addition in copying it in Dhan products (unless there is no other feature to be done), since provides the best class realtime economic calendar updates in free.


Thanks @Diamond & @amit for the reasoning. We have noted the feedback.

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Sensibull also provides free economic calendar, i prefer that over



  1. NEWS update that is posted as screen shot by @Diamond, some of these we already receive as push notification from Dhan app. Instead of receiving as push update, it is better to have a section on NEWS update as CA (not like the one that is already there on Dhan app- NEWS section but like the one that is posted by @Diamond).
  2. These kinds of economic NEWS don’t influence trading activity of a retail trader. Instead, what it does is, it helps to understand big money sentiment when being corelated with options data.

Thank you.