Enabling CDSL Easiest for off-market transfers

Has Dhan enabled CDSL Easiest for off-market transfers? I am trying to move from Upstox, who has still not done this. Hopefully its high on the priority list for Dhan?

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Hi @Rajiv, yes Dhan has enabled CDSL Easieast. If you are trying to move from another stockbroker, the request has to be approved by them. Hope this helps!

Good to know that, @Anirudha.
As a follow up question, if I move some of my holdings from another stockbroker, how will Dhan account for the buy average prices for the transferred holdings in the P&L reporting?

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Hey @Rajiv, glad you asked this. We are currently in the process of building this flow as we are getting a lot of requests from Dhan users who want to transfer their holdings to us.

Be rest assured, our Community Members will be the first ones to know once this goes live!

We want to set the right experience for our users so until then, request you to kindly wait before you transfer.

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