Equity Daily Delivery Percentage for last one day to last 6 month

Hi Team,

You all are doing fav works with taking input & feedback’s from user community improving experiences with new features & suggestion.
My request for Equity Daily Delivery Percentage to show for last trading day to last 6 month will helpful for swing trading.

Welcome to Dhan community @Karanshah. Yes, we have this data - just matter of adding to product roadmap. Will consider this.

That aside, what else you look at / for making your swing trading decisions?

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Some Swing trading stock selection criteria depend on below point:

  1. Some imp Candlestick Pattern like Bullish engulfing , Hammer at key area with good volume & delivery only.
  2. Reversal Chart Pattern like W Pattern , Ascending triangle , triple bottom , Inverse Head & shoulder, Rectangle Flag for trend continuation
  3. Multi-day or year breakout or 52 week High breakout
  4. Demand zone in weekly / Monthly & then daily in order chart
  5. Full Body Open & Closing above 5 EMA on Daily chart for Momentum trading
  6. NR7- NR9 narrow range breakout
  7. Inside Bar Candle & Breakout in Daily Chart
  8. Previous Weekly or Monthly Breakout
  9. US Market closing & Imp Event news also impact decision

It will be very much helpful for swing or BTST Trader if above scanner or filter available in dhan web & app to make quick decision in less time & helpful for part time traders as well.

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Any updates or roadmap to add Equity Delivery and other important data point or pattern suggested in above treads.

Hi @Karanshah, Delivery volumes is work in progress. We shud be able to ship this in a few weeks.

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it would be greater to add delivery and volume data ,I would really appreciate this feature in future

@PravinJ : Please look into other point suggested as well. Dhan will become one stop website or app for traders.