Error: Trigger gap is out of the specified gap range

I am getting this error when I am trying to place a bracket limit order from tradingview. What am I doing wrong?


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Hi @Krishna Welcome to the community.
For Bracket Order & Cover Order, your Stop Loss Leg should have minimum 1% (0.3% in case of Index) of difference with LTP. For example- If LTP for a particular stock is 500, you should place your SL below 495.
Hope this helps

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In general, intraday traders use risk percentage as 2%. some members may use 3% also.
then giving 1% is not worth able, who trades on with trade plan.

hence consider this logic and increase the percentage.
so that we can trade as per our trade plan with strict stoploss and target.


Hello @Naman @Dhan Team,

Iā€™m trying to place the order with stoploss lessthan the Dhan stoploss recommending. Which is good for me as per my strategy.

But reducing risk and placing bracket order is my choice with risk planned.

Why is this condition implemented in Dhan?
If possible, kindly disable this option for bracket orders.


Hi @iyapaa,

It seems you have raised this multiple times. We will update you with the details over here.