ETF Vs Mutual Fund - Which is better?

β€œI have recently started investing in the stock markets. Should I invest in ETFs or Mutual Funds?” This is a common query from a lot of new investors in the markets.

Both ETFs and mutual funds offer a wide range of investment options, including those focused on stocks, bonds, commodities, or specific sectors. The decision between the two ultimately depends on your investment strategy, time horizon, trading preferences, and other personal factors. As they say, personal finance should be personal. :wink:

Let’s look at some key differences between ETFs and mutual funds to help you make an informed decision :point_down:

What do you prefer?

  • ETF
  • Mutual Fund
  • Both

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everyting is ok but dhan pe mutual fund hai he nahi na abhi jara process fast karni ki jarurat hai mf is need of today

@omkar Mutual Funds will be live soon! To get notified first, register on the Dhan app by tapping on the banner! :point_down:

Only direct then what about your partners you got what i mean right