Execute and Exit all positions?

Sir …

While executing spread (bear call spread) order dosent execute all at once and also Exit from complete spread not happen at once.

This is lot off frustration…

This is the only issue i am facing a lot

(You can check at your end also)

Margin matter i agree, but exiting from complete strategy should be done at once

Please please please do look into it

Hi @Amitagsk ,

This could be due to the hedge break scenario. Read more about this in the below post.

Further, you may drop us an email at help@dhan.co mentioning the order details to have this checked on your specific case.

For spread also ?
Hedge break agree but for spread is it valid ?

Please think of it …

Hi @Amitagsk,

A spread is a type of a hedge. Request you to drop a note on help@dhan.co and we can connect to address your query.

What if I initially have a call sell option position overnight & next day I decide to sell a put option as well, do I have to pay entire margin for the second trade as finally it will become a strangle/ straddle which has a slightly lower margin requirements.

So, will the margin required be less for placing the second leg order as I already have the other position. OR only after the execution of the trade , the final margin required is decreased accordingly

Hi @Hiya,

As per the above scenario, yes you will get an hedge benefit while placing an second leg itself.