Exit all Positions

Today Your Exit all positions feature incurred me huge loss. If i would have not checked timely losses would have been huge.

I was trying to exit my Put calendar with 4 lot of BNF. While exiting positions , no msg appear and my positions were not squared off.

Some time later when I checked instead Squaring off -100 qty system sell 400 qty more i.e -500 qty. and squaring off 100 qty system added 200 more i.e changed to 300 qty.

When i realised that something is wrong i manually exited -500 qty of sold leg and 300 qty of buy leg.

Its horrible.

Refer GIF below: I tried to exit put legs , but nothing happened.

Few seconds later i realised that sold qty is increased to 500 and bought qty to 300.


It’s serious issue.

I can’t risk anymore.

I am thinking to wait till everything is corrected by Dhan team.


@Dhan team May please respond and look into the matter.

Why it happened, its serious issue. My Sold Quantity increased from 200 to 500. and buy quantity increased to 300 from 100.


Can any one pls tell me what should be the margin requirement for below case,:point_down::point_down::point_down::point_down::point_down:

8dec leg (500 qty)was sold quantity
And 12 dec leg (300 qty) was buy quantity.

No reply from Dhan team till now for such q crucial case also where Customer has incurred huge loss on account of bug in your system.

It’s really surprising.

I raised similar issues 1-2 days ago also

Link is Serious Issues in Squaring Off orders

As per the Dhan Basket margin calculator.
Margin reqd :point_down::point_down::point_down::point_down:

I was not having margin as shown above.

Than how trade was executed…

Pls explain…

It’s almost 9 hours , but not a single response from Team Dhan.

Assume if market fall at that time … Due to bug in your system I was having 500 Qty shorted and 300 Qty bought.

I just saved myself from huge loss.

It’s very unfortunate that note a single response from any one from Team Dhan who used to reply on every post usually.

Pls respond

Hey Dhan team please replay on this matter , i am thinking of transferring my fund from zerodha to dhan but now i am waiting to see how you handle this matter , no one from your team reply on this quire

Hi @bsjhala seems you have generated more orders after exiting the ones from positions tabs. Orders get generated for that reason, it’s not a bug that is being highlighted here. Its always expected to await for confirmation from exchanges on the order status, if additional order is sent in this timeframe - it will get executed as long as the margin requirements are met.

Have asked our teams to share the complete order history for your reference.


Pls refer to the GIF attached in above post. While executing from exit all positions, nothing happened and no msg appeared.

There was no msg and no notification whether positions are squared off or not.

Further, pls chk i have clicked exit positions once and waited,

Dhan logo was appearing and disappearing, positions shd have squared off and quantities shd have revised.

That Positions shd have gone to Closed positions.

Why nothing happened on clicking the exit positions tab, when Dhan logo was appearing and disappearing indicating that it took the command.

You are not accepting that there is some issue in your system.rather blaming me for placing order.

Pls ask technical team to call me i have given mail yesterday and followed up but no response from ur end till now.

It is beneficial for all. I incurred a loss of few thousands, but it can be large for some other person.

I m raising the issue for benefit for all.

Day to day we come to know problems of Dhan. I liked it. But now it is turning into love-hate. Hope they will improve before absolute hate.

As mentioned earlier - please check the trade history as well for your account, there are multiple orders placed before exiting from the positions. Dhan logo appears while the orders are placed with the exchanges, trade confirmation happens after that from exchanges.

There are many times when it is pointed out that there are bugs, we accept and work on that. Exchange transaction and execution systems are certified and audited.

Once again - request you to check the trade history of your account. There are multiple orders placed, I can have our team send the order logs to you if not already. If there is a full recording that is available, our team will be happy to take a look at that and match it with our logs.

We operate super transparently, these are exchange certified systems.

Hi @bsjhala

As discussed over the call and shared on email, we have checked the trade history and it seems you placed the order multiple times.

When you exit from any position or place an order, if you see any delay (as can be seen in the video you shared) in getting the trade response, it is always recommended not to place the same order again or exit the position multiple times. You may try trouble shooting like checking/switching your internet connection, log-in & log-out from the app or in case of emergency, feel free to connect with us on call or chat.


If confirmation from exchange would have come, why would have placed order again…

I have shared the video , in which it is clear that, no confirmation came from system. Neither quantities changed.

Actually first time when tried to exit positions, nothing happen than i start recording, in this case also , same thing happened, trade was executing but no notification to user and no change in quantities.

Trade history is available next day, in realtime , positions should have changed, if trade was done.

Further, if confirmation is not came or quantities are not changed how will I came to know that trade is not completed.

Main cause of the issue is that , Quantities are not refreshed.

Further pls clarify me following:

As per your system balance quantities were as follows:

8dec put -500 qty
25 dec put +300 qty

This requires a margin of more than 16 lacs, which i was not having.

That clearly shows that Quantities were not reflecting correctly.

In realtime i have net positions available, which one will follow not the order or trade history.

So pls check why order positions are not updated.

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If everything was in order from your end.

Pls clarify this

Why my last open positions was showing

08Dec 43200 pe -500 Qty
15Dec 43200 pe +300 Qty

This requires margin of close to 16 lacs which i was not having .

Thats clearly shows open positions were not reflecting and that was the root cause of the multiple orders.

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our team has spoken with you on this and also verified with you on the trade history and the logs as well.

trade history is available next day and orders on the same day. you are referring to orders of y’day hence I have mentioned to check trade history. trade confirmation will come only when trades are executed by exchanges.

Pls clarify me why pending positions were displaying wrong.

Why there was difference in actual quantities and displayed quantities on position page.


All we are expecting a simple fix. As soon as the check boxes is selected and clicked on exit all position button.

Need to see notification from Dhan (not for exchange) saying kindly refresh the screen for latest updates from exchange. Instead of logo getting turned off and on

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We will have this integration reviewed. Loader is added to ensure background activities of sending orders to exchange is done.

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Dear Pravin,

I echo with Shylaja, Exit all positions has too many issues. First and foremost it’s lagging for 5 to 10 secs and every time I use this option, the system tries to exit the hedge position first and the orders get rejected (meaning all positions will not get squared off). Again I have to exit the rejected position and this is resulting in slippage. I wonder why any Trader has not been highlighting this issue. I have been using Zerodha over the years and never faced any such issues with their platform. They exit everything at once and never any order got rejected because of time lagging or maybe they always exit the Options sell positions first and the Buy positions. Anyhow they have a system to manage this. Please look into it, this is a very basic and very important feature.


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Looks like Exit All position is not trust worthy any more. There is no way that we can trust this button as it never exits all the position. may be if you have one or 2 script with like directions it may succeed. however if your positions include both directional legs, there is no possibility that it exits all the position.

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