Exit position error

I took a trade on bank nifty from TV entry and stop loss was set. I was in Green and then I used the exit all position button which didn’t closed all position because of margin error. Now I was long only on bank nifty and wanted to close it. Is it supposed to work like that?

After cancelling stop loss order and then used exit all position then it worked. But logically when one should click on exit all position it should exit at market and cancel stop loss order.

Here’s the screenshot for reference. You can see here it was bought at 12:17 and at 12:50:21 3 times exit position was failed then cancelled stop loss order and then used exit all position then it worked. But this should not happen. Ideally it should cancel sl and exit the position at market.

Hey @Sahil

Our team will required to check logs of your account to assist you regarding this. Request you to drop a note to us on help@dhan.co and mention this conversation when you do - customer service team will review and revert on this and I will also sync up with them to understand.


Regards, Sahil

I am guessing that the reason was your stop loss order. It worked fine after you cancelled your SL order per the screen shot. I had a similar issue where I didnt have enough margin to cover the sell order that was pending after closing the position. I guess there should be a way to auto close the stop loss order before you sell your original holding.

Correct by default when we click on exit all position it should auto close sl and close the position as well.

Yes, actually @DVKR is right. Somehow I missed what he mentioned.

There was an existing SL order for the current position. When you try to add another sell order, it will be considered as a fresh order and hence the margin required will be required for that new order.