Expecting of UI of Dhan

Not comparing with anyone but UI of zerodha kite is unbeatable and super smooth. I am looking for an app with similar UI of kite but with feature of dhan. Dhan is unbeatable in terms of features. Dhan UI is not appealing and look like generic. I used paytmmoney (co. with poor customer care support) and dhan looks similar in terms of UI, which is of course not my cup of tea.
I hope dhan will work on UI by keeping existing features. Because I want dhan to look premium and smooth. Best wishes for dhan…


I agree with you

The ui of dhan is very cluttered and time I spend on dhan is very less because of its worst UI


I disagree !
And before anyone jumps, I have used Kite, Uptox, Paytm, Fyers, etc and I believe the number of feature Dhan is providing and how they have tried to fit it in the UI is really amazing!


I agree you on this. Zerodha’s main edge is its simple UI with super fast order execution speed. Having features is great but it should not give you cluttery feeling while navigating. I hope Dhan would give a thought on this constructive feedback.


Dhan mobile app is overloaded. Too many futures are killing the usability of lightning fast app.

  1. There should be an option to hide some futures of the app
  2. Creating an alert option should be available on all screens
  3. watch list - while deleting a script it is asking for confirmation. I hope it is not that important and time consuming to click the ‘yes’ every time
  4. in the positions page there should be an option to view F&O open/closed positions separately.
  5. Home page must have a customisation options (to hide / unhide few features)
  6. Chart viewing option should be available on the positions tab when an open position is selected
  7. Charts are slow to load.
  8. Market depth should be visible also on the positions page when a script is selected.
  9. In the alert creation page, a manual entry text box is required to indicated the purpose of the alert. same may be flashed when the alert is triggered.

Apart from that I appreciate in-built customer care support using the chat feature.


I disagree, the UI needs to be changed but its not worst as defined. Its well designed keeping beginners and experts in mind. Features are integrated superior than any. I would rate Dhan is better than those. But i agree some UX changes to be made for more cleaner animation. Dont mess with unnecessary changes. Make it better or leave it same :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi everyone, I understand that UI / UX are views and bit personal at times - what we want to ensure is we don’t compromise on usability of the product, fast access where its needed - keep users in control.

We have developed some insanely good features based on feedback from users - transaction estimator, forever orders, basket presentation, manage position (my fav), directly add to baskets from option chain and more. We won’t make radical changes, but incremental and very subtle. While on this topic, we also remove features that don’t make it to product-market fit or don’t see a great adoption.

The one thing we care most about is making everything faster, and the upcoming version we are rolling out - our response times are significantly faster (much much faster) than before and we are further optimising on load times of front-end components.


Thanks for the positive hopes on performance :clap::partying_face:

Hi Venkat, feedback noted on this. Sharing notes on ones mentioned by you1

  1. We are making lots of components lightweight, and also multiple controls are available to turn-off features - in portfolio, in trader controls, and settings.
  2. Noted, we have this on all scrip pages.
  3. Already rolled out on web, app will also happen.
  4. Its live - single tap and you can group positions by underlying.
  5. We will evaluate
  6. Its available - tap view on chart.
  7. Dhan charting capabilities are best in segment, we have the latest libraries with features like trade on charts, instant orders and more. Many in industry are using older ones, in some cases libraries that are over 2-3 years old. Having said that, we will work on this further… Almost every second feedback on this forum earlier was about chart load times, its drastically down. ps: hope you are on latest app version.
  8. It’s available
  9. Feedback noted.

Also welcome to Dhan community. These feedbacks and suggestion help us improve our user experience, keep them coming.

No need to be biased and devotee of Dhan. Read with open mind what I have written.

Your choice. I have written what faced. My orders took time to execute. As a new company I understand dhan is slow in order execution but UI is not good for everyone.

Haha cool, its visible who is biased. I would also request stop being biased and devotee of zerodha. :rofl:

I tried kite too, you liked and i didn’t liked so here nothing biased or devotee. Its just matter of likes and preferences.

I agree for slowness, but once users keep adding they will upgrade servers. I tried mstock too its nightmare because of its laggy server lost money too. So in terms of server dhan is better than many small brokers but hope it will be snappy as kite.

I appreciated both. Read again. And try to do intraday with many lots. You will come to know what I am saying. I criticized zerodha for poor watchlist anagement in their forum. I am looking for better service so wanted a good option of zerodha but still searching. Dhan was a ray of hope but it looks over now or we have to wait for improvement. My 5 friends lost money recently on this platform. People are complaining about its speed and execution. I also request you to tell me a good platform which is clean and fast. I need alternative of zerodha. I am not biased. I mentioned features of both. Beside trolling, mocking and laughing at me, you can suggest me a good alternative. I will thank you for sure.

Yeah. I agree. Hope they will work to introduce themselves as a good competitor of big players. I hate monopoly. It ruins customer experience.

A man who is fanboy of Zerodha will never come to post in Dhan community and never expect or criticize Dhan for improvement. Hope you understand. I had high expectations from this platform.

I have tried kite, upstox, fyers, mstock, flattrade, groww, Dhan.

All of these i have faced jitters or server down sometime or other. But when i speak about their accuracy or less server lags.
Kite is good but didn’t liked UX.
Groww is good and then Dhan.

One of my friend using angelone and he said its good too. So in my view Dhan is doing good when compared with top brokers and small brokers. Based on above views you would try the good ones.

I agree bro, but here nothing being devotee. Even i was here with higher expectations and satisfied to some extent, but still there is space for improvement. At the end who ever the broker they need broking fee and as a trader we need profit and lagfree experience.