Facing error in order execution

Hi Team Dhan,
I am facing a error that’s why I stopped trading in Dhan and tried 2 times but issue is same,

Error- Suppose I bought some shares of any company in MTF next day before market open I place my SL order for the same, after market open if I modify the same order as Market and exit then order will not execute, but if I cancel that order and again place a market order from position tab then order executes.

I tried it many times and reported to customer care also but issue not resolved.

I really like Dhan and want to trade in Dhan but facing this error so moved to other broker.
@PravinJ Sir please resolve this issue also please make Forever order available to MTF product for both buy/ sell side with OCO option

Yogesh Kumar

hi @yogesh86k, did you pledge your shared and confirm for MTF on trade-day or not for this scenario, and were the shares delivered to your demat account (no auction scenario).

Yes After market closed we got link and confirmed for pledge, I want to sold it on next day and sufficient margin also available to sell.

Hey @yogesh86k ,

Request you to not modify the order between 9.13 to 9.16 am and let us know if the issue still persists.

Product @Dhan

Hi, I have checked the same and modify existing order after 09:16 it executed perfectly.
I want to know if I place SL order before market open will it work if at 9:15 my SL price reached?

Hi @yogesh86k,

You can place only Market or Limit order in AMO for your open position.

Just want to know one query If I want to place Stoploss Limit order or Stoploss Market order in AMO?

Hi @yogesh86k,

You can place SL order as well as SLM order in AMO.

Thankyou so much for quick response and query resolution.