Feature Request for Currency & Commodities Traders!

Hi, @PravinJ & @Dhan_Help,

Please answer below queries:

  1. When the integration with Quantower will be materialized? Any possible date?
  2. When one can trade in TradingView (directly) different currency pairs and commodities?
  3. Moreover a trader when they are trading in Equity & Index F&O directly through TradingView they are availing the facilities of Zero brokerage. But we currency & commodities traders are highly barred from such a facilities. Can we expect any such facilities anytime soon?
  4. When option analytics for currency and commodities will be available?
  5. When one can open corporate account in Dhan platform?

Thanks & Regards

Hi @MonkInTrade


  1. From what I understand the teams are integrating, once done we will announce.
  2. It’s an integration first that TradingView has to complete, we cannot commit on their timelines or integration plans. Most current and commodity traders on Dhan use the integrated TradingView charts experience or on tv.dhan.co or use webhooks for execution.
  3. Once again, it is integration and enabling at TradingView end.
  4. That’s something we are building, hopefully sooner.
  5. Yes, thats done offline only for select customers at this time. Request to please check the same with help@dhan.co

I have changed the subject of the post, we want to maintain a clean and healthy community, not one that incites emotions that can be avoided. Request to review : Welcome to the Dhan: We have Community Guidelines for us! 😁


Thanks for your time for answering my queries!!!

MCX Commodity future contracts are already there in tradingview. So what would be the hurdle at Dhan end ?

Lots of it, right now TradingView is integrated as data consumption, they will have to consume data that is available for transactions… that’s work on their side… I will have little information on how they integrate it further.

Additionally, we at Dhan have to enable trading integrations on MCX, and MCX itself is moving to a new trading system and phasing out old one… So we won’t invest time and effort for few months, rather we also have to move to MCX new trading systems first on our core platforms, and then later integrate. That aside, there is testing on TV end, our end, certifications and much more.

Our existing integration with TradingView took over a year to build, test, deploy and scale :slight_smile:

Please mention any tentative timeline, if possible.

@PravinJ & @Dhan_Help,

Till now whatever you have said, I understand. But in such circumstance when you are running out of resources, you are favoring only a selective group of clients… how far justified??? OK, I have understand your limitation on external factors, but what about your internal factors??? You don’t even implement the simple bracket or cover order in case of currency and commodity trading!!! Please explain this? Removing a word to maintain group decorum is good things to have peace in group, I agree… but that does not improve the sense of discrimination altogether when somebody is experiencing such difference day after day when using Dhan’s trading platform.

I hope that you’ll take care of all the details and implement it soon. More importantly don’t throw any lame excuses showing external factors time and time again for unfinished products doesn’t reflect any sincerity towards the customers who believe you and depend upon your services.

All the best.

Thank you.

@PravinJ @Dhan_Help @Dhan,

Please note that just because of a word in the title i.e. “discrimination” (which is removed by you) you have come and edit and answer my queries which are not clear just within approximately 20 mins. But after 24 hours past since my last reply, Mr. @PravinJ, you or any one from your team doesn’t feel to reply further to my queries. May be you don’t have logical answer or may be you have understand that throwing excuses always is not a good practice.

All the best.

Have already answered your queries.

After that I have expressed my views on your answers too. Hope that you have take some serious note on those. But you didn’t reply to those!!! Any specific reasons??? Or running out of excuses??? Moreover attention to the main issues that I have mention of you and your team shows differences you have made between group of traders. It only brings the sense of “discrimination”

We keep shipping things faster, possibly faster than any other stock trading platform in this country or even otherwise - there will always be choices to make, features to ship and ones to discard or put it on other day. Unfortunately I cant comment on opinions or assumptions or possibly don’t have an answer that will satisfy you. Hope this helps.

There are CO and BO unavailable for currency or commodities section. Are you trying to say… these are all my assumptions??? You had jumped to answer within just 20 mins or so just to keep peace in community just for a word!!! Otherwise you or your team don’t have time within 24 hours… all these remains facts, your customer care. Why you bring comparison with other broker quite unnecessarily when I am not throwing any such comparison to you. When a customer make such comparison you become ignorant or intolerant. Why??? Please be specific and answer to the point all of my queries. Please note that I can take care of my own satisfaction. Please don’t bother.