Feature request for option chain

Hi team,

Need these two UI features.

  1. In option chain kindly highlight ATM option i.e. the entire row containing call option, strike price, and put option should be highlighted.

  2. After we click and open a particular put or call we get a carousal and there we should be able to see corresponding underlying nifty/banknifty spot price.

Good suggestions. In addition to these, I would like to request Dhan team to provide the facility to add orders to Baskets directly from option chain.

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Hi @pratik01
Valid and genuine suggestions. We will definitely try to incorporate them in our next options chain revamp.

Hi @ravi_krishna
Add to basket directly from Option Chain is already available in mobile app, we will soon extend same to dhan web.

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Hi @Naman

Thank you for the response. Will be eagerly waiting for the ‘Add to basket’ feature on Dhan Web as I only use Web for all my order placements.


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