Feature Requests

Hello @PravinJ

This is very helpful if the recent listing of IPO’s take us to particular script, when someone tap on it

Currently nothing if happen, and we need to search the script to check it on app



Valid point, I don’t know why we keep missing this… honestly this doesn’t look good on our part.


Thanks for getting back, write the same into few time into email also.

but can’t get any response on it, so I post it here

Hope it will implemented soon on Dhan & Options trader app

Its on our to-do list for a while. Every email, feedback or suggestion that comes to us, gets noted.


I have already reported this. Is dhan planning to include SME IPO’S.

Yes, we will include. Its on our things to do.

Thanks for bringing SME IPO

Welcome @sharu_john. There is more to come on this, when we do - we will also announce. Thank you for your patience.

Thank, click on listed IPO is still pending. I hope this will also addressed in the future also

@PravinJ please allow GSEC - goverment bonds to be pledged , its treated a cash component

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Sure, we will ask Risk team to evaluate this.


@PravinJ Thanks for working on it, into 2023 update it working fine.

Thanks again

Wait for dhan 2023 update usmein ye fix hogya hai

Welcome. It’s not yet rolled out to everyone, hence did not respond. Thanks again for highlighting.