Feature suggestion for Tv.dhan

Hi!! Instead of simple buy and sell on cash/future, can option be also given for straddle, strangle and simple bullish and bear spread options from the cash/futures chart in Tv.Dhan. While it may auto suggest strike prices, user should also have option to change the strike prices suggested automatically.

hi @amk20000, if I have understood your suggestion correctly - do not think these capabilities are extended to the hosted library of TradingView that we use on tv.dhan.co. Also I don’t think they are also available in TradingView - as they do not support option trading.

Yes these are not Trading view capabilities but you will need to add a layer basically where on right click some of the option ideas that are there on option trader mobile app also show up


There are 3 feature requests for TradingView I would like to make:

  1. Ability to set multiple alerts based on levels (most important)

  2. Ability to do mathematical operations (good to have) - Not many people know how useful this is!
    2.1) I use this to see how my portfolio have performed compared to nifty in the past. Imagine I have 3 stocks, so I avg them and then add comparison to Nifty like this -

avg them in TView

Compare this to Nifty

2.2) Now imagine you already show option chart on TView in Dhan, with this feature all user has to do is Option 1 + Option 2 and this will give them strangle, straddle chart or any combination they want to visualize

  1. Allow pine script of TView and allow pine scripts indicator in TView to Dhan (if possible)

Additional Request - I have traded 2 expiries on Dhan and the experience was amazing and I’m eagerly waiting to move my holdings from Zerodha to Dhan but I trade on MF margin, is there a timeline as to when can you bring MF to Dhan?