Feature Update: Advance Options Chain now with Greeks

Hi All,

Options are the most tradeable segment in India, and as you all know - in the last few years, options trading has gained a lot of traction.

The most elementary thing required for options trading is Options Chain. Until very recently, most brokers did not provide for option chains in their applications as a result, traders sought some other third-party platforms and paid an extra penny for subscriptions or data. At Dhan, we were very clear from day one, that traders on Dhan get more value and with that thought, they need not pay anything additional for data, insights, information and tools that assist them in taking informed trading decisions…

At Dhan, we had an Options Chain on all our platforms from day one. Later, with the same philosophy, we came up with a dedicated options trading app - Options Trader. The Options Chain is key for options trading for many traders. We have continuously improved the experience of the options chain and will continue to do the same in the future.

Introducing: Updated Advance Options Chain on Dhan Web

What’s New on Option Chain by Dhan

  • Full-screen view of Option Chain, which is packed with all the information you need across all F&O traded indices & stocks
  • Introduced Options Greeks - now you can add greeks (Delta, Theta, Gamma & Vega) right on the option chain across the OI, IV, and LTP
  • Personalize & Save your Options Chain settings. Now you can choose the data set or column you want to see on your option chain and save it from the settings menu. These settings will be saved and your options chain will be the same as you left in the last session.

Features of Options Chain on Dhan Platform:

  • All expiries including LEAPS
  • Data set includes LTP, Volume, Open Interest, Implied Volatility & Greeks
  • Buy & Sell directly from Options Chain
  • Single click access to Open Chart or go to tv.dhan.co
  • View market depth of individual option contract
  • Add options contract to Watchlist
  • Add Options directly to the Basket
  • At the money Implied Volatility and Put-Call ratio

A quick reminder for Options Traders on what Dhan offers for you while we are on this topic:

As always - Dhan gets better everyday. We hope you like this update. Let us know what more you want to see around Options Trading.

Happy Trading!

Product team


Hi @Naman ,

Looking forward for Add To Basket From Option Chain on Dhan Web!

Also, if you can add an option to Filter out strikes with 0 VOL / OI, will be much better!


There is some bug in advance option chain in webplatform

as you guys can see i am selecting different expiry dates
but days to expiry pcr everything remains same in all three screen shots

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In dhan open inerest section of index, there is OI, change in OI, PCR ration, volume pcr, live max pain…for monthly expiery…but not for weekly expiery…please provide these feature for weekly expiery


Noted @omkar, discussing this with team rightaway


Hi @Bhavesh21

Noted this. We have tried this earlier, but not very happy with the performance. We are re-building this.

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How to open this option chain? Please share video or explain it in detail.

Hi @Yadu

Noted. Adding options to basket directly from OC is already available in mobile. We are working to bring same for web. For second, will evaluate the possibility to include this is in roadmap.


Hi @Naman Kindly consider adding PCR, Maxpain , IV percentile on Web and App :pray:

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Helps Stock Option writers to identify and capitalize Stocks with High IVP!

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Ia there any plan to put this numbers in charts? Visuals. Like sensibull. Also, any plan to oi change in line chart?

Already there

IV Percentile is Missing

Hmm ya that need to be added

Dear @PravinJ
Please Provide IV chart
Similar Like Sensibull
Can It Possible

Hi @Gangavarapu @KishorKela

Thanks for your request. We already have Max Pain, ATM IV & PCR. Will add IV percentile as well, though IV for each strike is part of OC.


Yes they are available, IVP would be welcome addition for trading stock options. Tired of sensibull and it’s Hit and Miss broker integration these days. Thanks for considering the same

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It would be a great addition to advanced option chain if you could add ITM Probability. Though Delta can be used as an alternative to ITM Probability, at times they both have slightly different numbers and ITM Probability is more accurate. Just a request, thanks.


Hi @Gangavarapu @ravi_krishna

Noted. Thanks for your suggestions.

@Naman @PravinJ @RahulDeshpande @Dhan @Dhan_Help

  1. Advanced Option Chain मध्ये “SAVE SETTINGS” केल्यावर दर दोन दिवसांनी आपोआप सगळं reset होतं आणि परत जे नकोय ते disable करून SAVE SETTINGS करावं लागतं.
    (हे लगेचच दुरुस्त करा, ह्यात विनाकारण वेळ वाया जातो.)

  2. ह्यात atm पासून वर-खाली 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 strike prices निवडून तेवढ्याच बघता येईल असं उपलब्ध करून द्या. (FYERS मध्ये आहे त्याप्रमाणे. विनाकारण सगळ्या / नको त्या strike prices बघत बसावं लागतं.)

  3. मोबाईल application च्या option chain मध्ये ज्याप्रकारे Vol आणि OI हा LAC आणि CR मध्ये दाखवत त्याचप्रकारे web च्या option chain मध्ये पण दाखवा आणि कृपया change in oi सुद्धा आकड्यांमध्येच दाखवा. कमी-जास्त वाढणाऱ्या लाइनी वरुण, जेव्हा लाइन पूर्ण भरते तेव्हा काहीही समजत नाही.