Fetching Options historical data under chart

fetching using below api doc

with below request
“symbol”: “NIFTY23OCTFUT”,
“instrument”: “INDEX”,
“expiryCode”: 0,
“fromDate”: “2023-10-08”,
“toDate”: “2023-10-13”

data comes empty

what could be wrong here? does this api from options data for specific strike prices ?


Hello, did you find you the solution? I am also facing similar problem but in case of MCX futures historical data.

data = dhan.historical_minute_charts(symbol = ‘GOLDGUINEA-30Nov2023-FUT’, exchange_segment=‘MCX_COMM’, instrument_type=‘FUTCOM’, expiry_code=0,from_date=‘2023-11-01’,to_date=‘2023-11-16’)

In [6]: data
Out[6]: {‘status’: ‘success’, ‘remarks’: ‘’, ‘data’: {}

Hi @vinodtakhar

You are using Daily Historical data api to fetch the options charts. Daily charts are not available for options. The instrument for index options is OPTIDX and that is not the allowed enum for the field. For options, you can use the intraday historical data api, which gives you 1 minute OHLC for the current day.