Few small fundamental view


Hi Community,

I really liked the Dhan platform and within 2 weeks it has become my single stop solution for all stock investment needs. There are 2 things which i wish to see in the plateform but as on date it is not available and i had to either check my other broker service fyers or Money control for same.

  1. Though we have historical performance but it does not show YTD performance of the stock. which sometime required to check the fundamental.
  2. i cannot see when this stock had given bonus, split or dividends. it would be great to see this in fundamental of the stock.


Hi @anwarultqm,

Thanks for telling us how much you feel about this!
we’ll make sure it’s on our list of features to consider when we are ready to make some changes.

For Corporate action, we have a separate view for now
Here’s how you can check Corporate actions:
Tap on the Watchlist section and scroll to the CA tab in the app header.
Not just this, on Dhan, you will also see the company-specific corporate action you have added to your portfolio and watchlist.

Yes i have seen this and it is amazing however it is only for future corporate actions not the historical one. Nothing critical as such but just to analyze the fundamental view.

Yes, @anwarultqm, I appreciate you helping us improve our product, we don’t have this added to our roadmap right now, but it’s an idea we can come back to when we are adding features around fundamental and corporate action to the latest version.