Finvasia Shoonya Fiasco


There was a major fiasco with Finvasia Shoonya this week. Read more about the incident here: Traders suffer losses as discount broker Shoonya faces tech glitch | The Financial Express

This is a major concern for all traders and investors alike. Although, I stick to top-class brokerages such as Dhan & ICICI Direct, I just wanted to understand how Dhan ensures that such incidents don’t happen here.

Thanks. @PravinJ @Dhan

Very valid point. A communication from their team would definitely help to alleviate our concerns.

Hi @GalaticX @Shally Yes, while I am aware of the incident, unfortunately we do not know what is the cause of same - so really can’t comment on what went wrong.

I have maintained always that broking systems are super complex and have lots of dependencies internal and external - maybe at some point of time I will write about it in detail. This specific incident, it was bit odd to even guess. Hope you understand, I wouldn’t want to speculate or comment without knowing the reason.

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Got it. I truly trust Dhan with my investments and I know that this is a very good team. Please keep a lookout for our safety at all times. Thanks!

P.S. - The order placement is blazing fast since the last 1-2 months and so are the chart loading times and accuracy. Absolutely top notch experience lately.

Consider modernization of the web watchlist on a priority basis.

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Thanks @GalaticX for your kind words. For the past 2-3 months, a lot is happening behind the scenes at Dhan than what’s visible. Just gearing up to support our growth and scale.


@PravinJ Sir, Yes the whole team efforts are visible now on the plateform. It has a lot imporoved now. Orders are working lightening fast. Overall the plateform performance is quite good, considering the number of features are loaded in it. Dhan Web is very well carfted and Mobile app is awsome (I think one of the best in the industry).

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if there happens to be a glitch in app, you always have stable web application for backup :smiley:

Yes, we are building in a way that there are minimum single points of failure. Broking systems are super complex, I have always said that. So it’s learning process for us, even if something goes wrong for anyone - we try to understand it to limit our risks associated from such scenarios.

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