Flags and section features in the TV watchlist

I would like to know if multiple sections and in the same watchlist and also different colors flags are supported in TV watchlist created at tv.dhan.co or not?

If not then can we plan having these 2 features as these are very useful features to create and sort watchlist.


Hi @shashankvarshney Welcome to Dhan community. For whatever I know, not sure if this is extended to our library on tv.dhan.co. Will check this.

Hi @PravinJ
Thanks a lot for the response.

Sections and flags are also available in open free version of TV. There we can have multiple sections within same watchlist but can’t have multiple colored flags.

So I think it will be good to have these features ported to Dhan TV as well with added functionality of multiple colored flags.

It is good in shortlisting of various stock as per different flags.
Will look forward for these featured included in Dhan TV as well. :slight_smile: