Forever Order & alerts via Chart

Kindly add Forever order & alerts via chart.
Also add option for line to see existing position in tradingview dhan. Currently small arrow is shown which is very difficult to chose from.

If possible make default order type as delivery instead of intraday.

And perhaps a system to see sl after order is executed will be better else currently i have to manually order qty, change order type and place order…

Adding @Naman @PravinJ. Yes I also want to link forever order on tv platform along with alert feature

Hi @Satyam @dhantrade

1)Feedback and request for Forever Order & Alert is noted.
2)We do show existing position with horizontal line, the arrow you see is all past trades. Blue for longs & red for shorts.
3) We understand users have their own preferences for order type - Intraday or Delivery/Overnight. We wanted this to make it default by user preferences, but as of now trading-view library does not allow this. We are still figuring out some fixes around this.
4) Executed Stop Loss can be seen in orderbook or if the new entry is taken using Sl, you can see in positions or on chart.

Hope this helps.


Your point 2…perhaps can option to increase size of those arrow … Or maybe a line is drawn instead of arrow or option for bth of them would be nice

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@Naman : Looking forward to point 1 and 3 in future releases