Frequent errors on the ledger API

@Hardik There are frequent failures on the ledger API which causes my code to fail. This is reproducible on the sandbox environment you have on your webpage. Please look into at and provide resolution.

Add screenshots of the sentry log:

Hello @sv28

Thanks for highlighting this, will check logs at our end. Can you help with the Client ID on DM here?

Sent you my client id

@Hardik faced this again today

@Hardik any update? I have getting this issue regularly and an update would be good

Hello @sv28

We are debugging this and trying to find a solution. Meanwhile, you can handle this scenario with reattempt the API in case of error for the time being.

@Hardik Tried retries but it isnโ€™t working. 400 error code is continous

@Hardik any ETA please? This issue is troublesome

Hello @sv28

Yes, this seems like random failure that we are trying to reproduce at our end. We will deploy fix for this if required, once we are through with troubleshooting this.

@Hardik Strangely it isnโ€™t random on my end. Itโ€™s failing for all the 3 different instances I have for different users at any given point in time!