Give the option to update Personal information

Please give option to update Personal information like other brokers. (Zerodha, AngelOne ETC)
for example…
Phone Number
Email ID

AND some other important information also.

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Hi @Ravinder_Sharma ,

Valid feedback. This is in the works, will update you once live.

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Hi @Pranita please let us know about this feature update

Hey @Nitinjawla ,

We are building features based on feedbacks, requests and other internal prioritisation. To assure you, this is already in works and you will be notified as soon as it is ready.


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Hi @Nitinjawla @Ravinder_Sharma : We went live with option to update Mobile Number & Email Address directly on Dhan. More on this here: Now Live: Update Email / Mobile Online


@PravinJ Amazing.
Really you are delivering the right feature on time.

Welcome, making Dhan better everyday.

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