Glitch happens on expiries

on Fridays and Mondays, dhan app is supersmoooth.
on expiries (tue, wed,Thur) in second half exact after 12 pm,when traders punch small options in large quantities , dhan get every type of glitch .

hope u understand that your server can’t handle volumes on expiries.

Dhan mobile app freezes on days where there is a surge of orders. When we punch in the order we get order confirmation after 30-45 seconds. Very slow. It ain’t internet connection issue. It also doesn’t get fixed when app is restarted.

@Dhan_Help @PravinJ please look into this.

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It happens like you place order then order window freezes then after 15 seconds you get error that something is wrong you close the order window after some time you get confirmation of order execution. Position goes against you you try to exit the position order window again freezs againyou get notification something is wrong after 15- 20 second after you are already in big loss your order gets finally executes.

Tell me If you have a different experiance.

Meanwhile everything is normal as per customer executives. If this is normal then god knows what is abnormal.

Hi, @Dhantrader @t7support @oldbuoy

We understand the situation which you all facing, we request you to kindly refer this

When would the additional deployment of servers be completed? I believe that physical servers would be deployed.

Please don’t risk your capital till they improve