Good-bye Dhan (Slow poison)!

I came here with a lot of hope but today I totally broken down. I think DHAN is a slow poison for long term investor. Dhan totally frustrated me . It’s DPC Slowly dying me. Generally I do not trade regularly. whenever I trade I see DPC. I contacted to the customer care about this and maintain healthy balance but after that DPC is charged. So now no comments and no complain. Only exit from Dhan.
Thanking you
Soma Choudhury

Hi Soma,

Hope your call with our Customer Service team has clarified the doubts. We have mentioned about all Dhan charges on our website (Pricing & Detailed Brokerage Charges | Dhan). We have explained the rationale and details about DPC on our community - Important Update: On Margins, Usage of Broker Funds, and Interest Charges.

Feel free to reach out to for any further queries.

Jay K.
Head - Customer Support

Hi @CCCB70625

Just wanted to ensure I respond to you, while @JayK already has.

Our systems are designed for users to trade at all times. They way margins are used and settled is part of exchange settlement norms that we as a a stock broking platform has to adhere too. When for any position that is taken - as a broker we have to ensure availability of funds, if client funds are missing then broker funds gets utilised to ensure that require margin norms are met with the exchanges for the positions. DPC charges or interest charges are applicable only on such circumstances, and we transparently process them as applicable.

If you want specific explanation for utilisation of funds & margins, our team will ensure we provide you that. Just want to convey that we operate super transparently on these, we know some platforms may mix this with some other charges, or settlement or others, we state things as is basis.

I hope you would reconsider your decision and continue with your journey with us on Dhan. Thank you.

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Actually I do not want do any comments or complain but as a part of respect I would say that
My journey with Dhan just 176 days but my journey with Zerodha was from 2018 to 15th March ,2022.
I have never seen this scenario before in Zerodha.
I thought new journey with Dhan will be much better than Zerodha. And actually it was better than till previous month. It doesn’t mean that I am going to Zerodha. I want to spend more time with Dhan if possible. My heart is broken. I am disappointed. Thanks

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@CCCB70625 Bhai DPC charges is there in all brokers , i am also trading in zerodha - when ever i have debit balance they will put DPC charges - its common in all broker

bye bye take care !

What does Depository Participant (DP) charge mean?
Depository Participant (DP) charges levied by CDSL(depository) is a charge applicable whenever you sell shares from your DEMAT account. It is similar to how exchanges charge a transaction fee or how brokers charge brokerage.

DP Charges are levied by the Depository (CDSL) and the Depository Participant (Any Broking Ltd) at Rs. 13.5 (+ 18% GST) per day per scrip(stock) for the stocks sold from your holdings. The stock will be moved out of your DEMAT account on the day you place your sell order.