GTT or Forever Order

Hi! @Dhan , If a position is ON then how to place GTT or Forever order for that position?
Like in Zerodha we can directly place a GTT order from the position tab for the position that is ON

Hi @Rishi-Ritzy, Welcome to Dhan community.

On your existing positions you can tap on it on Dhan web / app and see your Manage Position in depth. Here you will see options to add Stop Loss, Target or Trailing SL.

More details are here: Introducing Trader’s Best Friend: Trailing Stop Loss on Dhan

Hi @Rishi-Ritzy

Also, for now, please search for same scrip and place Foreover (OCO) order from there. We have the feedback for adding this feature for Intra-day order and to Manage Positions tab as well.

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Do you mean stop loss and target can be placed at same time?

Hi @Nivetha

Yes, you can place both Target and/or Stop Loss for options (in Normal/Delivery) with the help of Forever OCO order on your open position.

This is the first iteration of these order types on Dhan. We will continue to enhance these to cover all scenarios for our traders.

We have written in detail about the Forever OCO order on our community.