Hedge Breaking RMS- Exit all Positions Disaster

Dear @PravinJ
Hedge Breaking RMS with Exit all Positions is a disaster.

Pls look into this and fix this.


In such scenarios, please exit the other leg before. Trying to find other bright ideas to solve.

I can understand where you are coming From!
I’m suggesting this from an user Experience Standpoint!

Anyways sirji, your Platform Ur Choice!

We cant pass on margin penalty to our users, neither can we take that on us. That’s the situation here.

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And Since the Discussion Has Already Started regarding great ideas to solve, Would Like to Highlight a Few Points, May be these might be a come across a bit Harsh but pls Take these in Right Spirit.
P.s I am an avid advocate of as Dhan as the Newgen Tech focussed broker in the broking Industry who Builds Things at Neck breaking speed and You as a CEO and Customer Facing leader being on the front and Taking User feedback!

  1. Getting Basics Right- Implementation of Something as simple as Price Alert
    You Must be knowing that Price alert was a Broken Tool released- Did not work from indexes and Options, Took Months to Solve

  2. Getting API/Algo’s Right- Its been around a year since Algo’s are Live on Dhan, No Live OHLC API calls yet , All we get is a Minute Intraday candle, No Marketfeed Websocket implementation yet. I mean Sit in the place of customer who is thoroughly impressed by dhan and ended up without any tools to take Feed to place algo orders.
    Ok We understand it takes time to build, even something as simple as request Parameters like INTRA Is listed as INTRADAY as per Official Dhanhq Documentation here Orders - DhanHQ Ver 1.0 / API Document

  3. Charts are a Mess- Did you trade with Options trader/Dhan app for a week with Tradingview as the default charting Module?
    You Should.
    Try this- Open your App, check nifty/Bn or any other chart of your choice and lock your phone. Get back to work. come back after 15-30 Minutes. Open your dhan app as is and let us know your experience

  4. Hedge Breaking Alert is Ok, RMS- We understand, But why ruin user experience when he clicks exit All positions. we know we can create counter basket. But do you think generic customer who had a bad experience once with Buggy basket order execution while entry and another bad experience while clicking exiting positions and observing that his Market order itself has failed.
    We Comeback because we love dhan and you listen to us. That Generic Customer Does’nt

As Much as we appreciate you Looking to Solve Great Ideas and your Upcoming Option strading Toolkit, we would also like you to Work on Such Basic things which Add Value to the Ardent Dhan Lover!

Thanks for your Time!

okay Sirji, I maybe Nitpicking but wanted to convey it! thats all.

All feedback accepted, while we know we have to catchup and build what everyone in industry has built in last 10 years + more, in less than one year. We rarely outsource, build everything in-house as it helps us build a better experience, we have tough times in prioritising things and we do our best to ship things faster.

I can only say that nothing in broking product is simpler - specially in a week that’s not ended yet and when 4 out of top 10 brokers had downtimes in trading hours.

  1. Alerts: I agree it’s a basic product and we have to do more here. We rebuilt our own systems from scratch for alerts, and will bring more - but there is time for that.

  2. Feedback noted. Live feeds API is work in progress - on our list of things to do. Reason it is coming later, is it we ship things incrementally always. Live feeds is most consumed API of all, we will ship this. We have to replicate and build a lot of infra to make it work - and at the same time ensure our regular systems continue to be seamless. It’s open secret that this is most used / consumed / abused service for brokers, to some extent it is charged to only ensure legit use is made.

  3. We do such tests from time to time, in this one your app goes to sleep and websocket is disconnect, and reconnects when app comes up. Imagine this staying up - data, battery, app performance will be simply terrible.

  4. As a broker, we don’t read your trades - just execute them, any validation engine here to check - will slow down order execution. I answered this on other thread too, we can’t even delay your transactions or sequence it - it becomes a algo as per exchange guidelines. Unfortunately this is a new behavior for all of us - and we do not have a solution, at least for now.

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Thanks for Taking time to Revert!
Would like to extrapolate few things to look into!

Point 3- Unrestrained battery usage and Unrestrained network usage enabled,Thanks to A13
But still charts start reloading tick by tick data and takes around a minute or so to track back to live Ticker Values ! Noticed it only on Hosted Tv of dhan.

Point4- There seems to be a solution in market, researched a lot but Don’t know how they do it.